If you have belly fat you are most likely apple shaped and you probably spend tons of hours trying to figure out what to wear to suit your body or hide your big belly.

Having belly fat is neither a taboo and nor a death sentence. it is unarguably one serious issue most ladies face today and as if that is not enough, losing it is even more frustrating and exasperating. This is why we have devised a means to work with the body we have.

If you are a lady with belly fat and love handles, did you know you can wear clothes that can help you camouflage it and look even more fabulous?  You see you don’t have to commit fashion suicide by wearing ill-fitting cloth, remember your body is a masterpiece and Imagenanny is always here to guide and help you explore those areas you never knew you could.


Have you ever seen anything more annoying than a skinny girl with a big belly?  or a big girl with a big belly in a bodycon dress? Well, I have and I can categorically tell you that it is not a nice sight. Let’s avoid this type of fashion hazard scroll down and see how to dress up to disguise your belly fat and look awesome.


When in doubt wrap it up! Wraps are your new best friend if you want to camouflage your belly. A nice V neckline wrap dress or top will help disguise your belly and add length to your upper body.


Most ladies with fat around their mid-section tend to stay away from patterns. The truth is you can actually wear patterns but the trick is to stick to vertical lines/patterns that sits right on your hip. This type of pattern skims over your belly and lengthens your body  thereby disguising your big belly.



I know you must think I am crazy for saying the word ruffle. One way to draw attention away from your problem area is to channel the attention somewhere else. So, any outfit that adds details and volume around your neckline and hemlines will help channel attention away from your belly and hence disguise your belly fat.


Layering can help hide your big belly. Pair your skirts, trousers, and dresses with a jacket to help hide your big belly. Note that whatever jacket you choose should be long to help create a vertical look as this will make you appear leaner and longer. Choose fluid style jacket like one with waterfall details this will not only help you hide your love handles it will also make you look chic and elegant.  So, layer away like a pro.


The type of bottom you wear can either make or break you!  Go for high waist bottoms that stop on your navel because if it is too low it will expose your big bell and love handle and if it is too high it will show your protruding belly. So be careful with where your bottoms stops.


Oversize tops paired with a trouser will not only hide your belly fat but will make you look so classy and elegant. The trick is for you to get a top that is at least one size bigger than your regular size and then pair up with  either leggings, or slim-fit trousers.


Honey I am just going to say this in 5 words… Go get yourself a shapewear

General Tips

  • Avoid wearing clothing that is too tight and clingy as this will accentuate your stomach.Rather opt for clothes that skims down.
  • Try and stay away from horizontal patterns instead wear clothes with vertical patterns or lines this will draw attention away from your midsection .
  • Avoid wearing clothes that are too bulky and bogus you have no business here.
  • Avoid wearing light colored bottoms. If you have to, layer up.
  • Go for hip-length or tunic tops that stop below your waist; this will hide your belly fat.
  • Wear high waist bottoms with wide waistband.
  • Go for  jackets that fall below your waist to hide your stomach and leave them unbuttoned.
  • Don’t highlight your belly by adding accessories like belts right on top of them, rather belt higher.
  • DO NOT TUCK IN! Wear tops over your skirts and pants.

Now that you know the right outfit to hide your belly fat and love handles, what are you waiting for?  go ahead and unapologetically look fabulous.

Feel free to get back to us with any questions, and we will definitely be happy to help.

until next time lovlies