It is popular believe that you can’t be sexy and classy at the same time and this is because of the stereotypical thinking of what sexy is. Sexy is often misunderstood, people think that “sexy” is about showing skin or baring certain body parts. In  real sense, sexy is just having sexually appealing qualities and not a license to expose body parts or wear X-rated cloths. This type of thinking has to change because you can actually be sexy and classy at the same time.

When it comes to looking sexy, less is always more! I can’t over emphasize this enough. Yes, we know and agree that wearing necklines that shows cleavage or wearing body-con minis can attract some attention and make heads turn but the question here is what kind of attention are you attracting? This is where the thin line between sexy and trashy can be crossed.  Dressing sexy in a subtle way and trying to maintain class and elegance, is the goal here and we are going to show you how to.

Do Not Expose So Much Skin

When pulling off the sexy but classy look, always try to create a balanced look. Focus on one sexy part at a time never expose too much skin as this can kill the “class in your sexy”. For example, when going for body hugging and tiny dresses always cover up. Either leave your arms covered and expose the legs, or you could pair a mini skirt with a long sleeve top. Whatever you decide the trick is to leave a little misery, this will definitely leave your audience wanting more.


Sheer it Up

Whether in a monochromatic outfit or not a sheer top will always be sexier than a neckline that shows all your “girls” …for example a sheer top styled with a pair of pants will give an optimal sexy look with a touch of class to it. Remember when going sheer always use an appropriate underwear.

Go Neutral and Classic

Neutrals have always been the color of choice for the elegant and classy. Personally, I see neutrals as not just classy but also sexy. The old and classic white oxford shirt styled with a pair of jeans is always going to be a timeless sexy ensemble.

Go Artistic with Colors

Appealing colors combination in your outfit can boost your confidence make you ooze Elegance, class and sexy. For example, wearing a red dress styled suitably will definitely get the heads of your audience spinning and pass an “I know I am sexy” message.  Always try to pick colors that blends with your skin tone.

Wear Low Cut Neckline

Low cut necklines are always slinky and sophisticated thy also have the whole sex appeal thing going on. This is why when wearing them you have to be careful and cautious of the material. For your look to remain classy while being sexy your draped neck should not also be sheer. Remember one sexy at a time

Accentuate Your Waist and Curves

Highlighting your waist is a great way to show off your figure. You can do this by either putting a slim belt over a dress, or you can wear a skirt that hugs and flaunts your curves styled with a tucked in top. (see what to wear for your body shape) to know how to dress your body shape.


Get Comfy in A Man’s World

Wearing a boyfriend top or blazer paired with a nice flirty dress/skirt or a skinny pant, is 100% sexy yet classy. Doubt me? Go ask the Men!

Fancy Footwear

A pair of great heels whether stilettos or wedges can instantly transform a lady into a confident sexy woman. It helps in your carriage and your overall posture when you walk. Pair your heels with a classic outfit for a joyous ride to the world of class and sass.

Bonus Tip:  Don’t Go Crazy with Accessories; simple jewelry is the best way to go when aiming for a classy and sexy style.