Technology has made the world a small place and Social media has made the world even smaller. In recent times social media is the way to go in terms of advertisement and this is why when we go on any social media platform, we see a lot of marketing going on there. Companies and individuals are embracing this method of advert and marketing because it is the easiest way to get a large number of people to see and buy their product plus it is cost effective.

What are you selling on Social Media?

I know not everybody on the surface of the earth use social media, while trying not to judge, you should look into it though it is fun.

For those of us that are into the whole social media craze, we are all online sellers. I get the fact that you might be confused right now because obviously you are not into any buying and selling for all you know. Let me clear this up and explain how much of an online marketer/seller we are.

Social media marketing caught my attention when an acquittance complained of a guy asking her to send nudes to him. She was so pissed and was blurting all sorts of things and raining insults on the guy and eventually blocked him.  I will give you a breakdown of the story stay with me……

What happened was, a guy on Instagram sent her a DM, asking her to send him some nudes.

When she told me this, I asked so this guy buzzed you and started asking for nudes out of the blues? she said yea he buzzed me and said hey sexy mama….. you look so hot. I asked again so what was your reply? she said I replied with a smiley and then he asked if he could see more pictures. She said OK fine. She sent him more pictures, but he demanded for something sexier saying “send me something sexier probably with your top off just spice it up” and that is when she got pissed and started ranting.

I thought in my head, no one can slide in your DM and start asking for pictures just like that. I said girl let me take a look at your Instagram page.

I did, and Boy did I find some “pictures”, she had pictures where she was barely covered up, and videos of her twerking etc. I found it all.

I asked her why are you angry again? He saw the product you marketed, liked it and he decided to buy it. She was dazed at my reply, yes, she obviously did not like the fact that a guy asked her for nudes. This is because she isn’t into that kind of a thing, but you see the guy got the wrong message because her Instagram page gave a totally different picture of who she is.

 Now do not get me wrong you are free to express yourself in what ever way you please or are comfortable with but be ready for the consequences. The fact is with the right marketing, product gets to the targeted audience. Nobody will know or buy your product if you don’t put it out there. The question you should constantly ask yourself is, what am i putting out there? Whatever product you decide to market, be ready for a bountiful sale after all it is main purpose for marketing.

If you are dressed in a low-cut blouse with your “girls” hanging out, well the audience for such a product will show up.

Dressing the way, you want to be addressed is not just a saying, it is literal. Whatever way you want to be seen, look the part. If you want to be seen as a model, dress like a model and If you want people to take you seriously well look the part.

 whatever way you decide to present yourself never complain on how people perceive you because it is what you dished.

Social media is a place for a lot of opportunities and it saddens me that people don’t take positive advantage of this gift we are blessed with.

So, I ask again what are you marketing?